Hataka Games

Hataka Games is a research and development company focusing on casual games. We have developed and published dozens of high-quality casual games, and have achieved great success. We are determined not to forget our original intentions and develop more, more interesting and epoch-making casuaL games for the majority of players. Looking forward to your continuous support!

Our game

1-Clash of mushroom

"Clash of Mushroom" is a strategy game with mush­rooms as the main character.You need to send mush­room soldiers to attack and occupy buildings to win.The player who has survived countless levels and survived to the end is the true winner!

2-lnvincible Tanks

"InvincibleTanks" is a strategic tank battle shooting game. In the game, players can manipulate various surprisingly tanks to fight The game process is in­ tense and exciting, with rich and exciting content; players can easily experience the power of various tank weapons, and they can also arbitrarily form their own tactics.

3-Run ! little fish

I'm not afraid if you don't touch it, I'm afraid you can't stop. "Hurry Fish" is a special casual game, with the sea as the background, allowing players to go to the sea and eat fish to their heart's content. The game re­ alizes multiplayer online competitions on the same platform.